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 Eating Healthy in Ecuador

Joe Namath, the ex-New York Jets quarterback had a famous saying, “It ain’t braggin’ if ya done it”, so please allow me to brag a little.  I did Move to Ecuador! I did lose 50 pounds! I did get off all my meds!   I have been able to, over the past two years, lose 50+ pounds and get completely off all prescription medications.  I’d like to share with you how I did it. Eating healthy in Ecuador is easy…really!

A Few Extra Pounds per Year Times Many Years = Overweighthealth in ecuador

Statistics show that over 65% of the American population is overweight and obesity is one of the biggest medical problems facing America.  I had ballooned up to 243-247 lbs. and on my small frame I was fat.  The weight would not have been a problem if I was 6’7” but I’m only 5’8”.  LOL!

Overweight = Health Issues

When you are overweight you develop a myriad of health problems.  I was taking 5 prescription meds.  I suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, acid reflux,  arthritis, and had sleep apnea.  The American Medical Profession is not interested in curing illness; it’s always about treating the symptoms with one more “miracle” medicine.  Healthy eating and exercise were only given lip service from the Doctor’s when I went in for a checkup.  I came to the realization that unless I changed my habits I would not live to see my grandkids grow up.

Change of Latitude / Change of Attitude

Miriam and I had planned on spending 6 months traveling the country of Ecuador to see exactly where we wanted to settle.  I couldn’t do it!  I didn’t have the strength or stamina required to move around a lot.  I had lived the last few years of my life with a sedentary lifestyle and my energy level was zero.  I didn’t really, at first anyway, start out to lose weight once we got to Ecuador.  It just sort of happened. Also, in April of 2012 we changed our food drastically to a low carb or “Primal” style of eating. Some people call it “Cave Man Eating”!

Ecuador Living

We landed in Cotacachi, a gringo enclave  of sorts 90 miles north of Quito, surrounded by breathtaking mountain vistas.  Miriam grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania (Mennonite) so she immediately fell in love with all the fresh fruits and vegetables at the local market.  With some mentoring from some of the expats living there she also learned how to buy meat locally.  The chickens were free range; the cattle grass fed, and the veggies were probably picked right out of the field the day before!  Talk about healthy eating!  And on top of that, the prices were incredibly cheap!  Instead of eating out, Miriam started preparing healthy meals and we ate almost exclusively at home. If you follow us on here you’ll find that Miriam has become this fantastic foodie.  Since we lived in a small town we walked everywhere as a part of our daily living.  The weight started falling off.

The Beaches of Ecuador are Calling

We found that Cotacachi , as beautiful as it was, was too cold for us.  At 8,000 feet above Sea level, it can get a down right cool at night.  Besides, I had always lived on or near the water in VA  and I wanted to see the Coast of Ecuador for myself.  A neighbor of ours had just moved to the coast and was raving about this great town he had discovered north of Manta called Bahia de Caraquez .   Stay tuned for part II where I expound on How I lost 50 lbs and got off all my meds!!

Email us at info@EcuadorPropertyConsultants.com.  You can book an appointment to talk directly with us one on one, or call toll free from the US 804-858-4289. Within Ecuador Contact Dave at 089-285-6951 or Miriam at 098-289-6208.


Dave & Miriam

Dave & Miriam moved to Ecuador in January of 2011 & have been helping expats make the transition to living abroad as smooth as possible ever since. If you are looking to rent or buy in Ecuador be sure to contact us. We promise to tell it all...the good, the bad and the ugly! Call from the US 804-858-4289; from Ecuador 098-289-6208 for Miriam or 098-285-6951 for Dave. Email us at info@EcuadorPropertyConsultants.com.

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2 Responses to Eating Healthy in Ecuador

  1. Thomas Smith says:

    Dear Dave and Miriam,

    I’m looking forward to retiring in six months to a year and it’s sounds like Ecuador is heaven on earth. Bahia looks perfect and I would love to be close to the ocean. Would someone still be able to buy a condo in the $100,000 to 150,000 range that has a ocean view and is within walking distance to the beach? I’ve forgotten all my Spanish that I learned back in school and would that be a big problem if one was to live there?

    Thanks for your time,
    Thomas Smith


    • Dave & Miriam says:

      Ecuador IS heavenly….not perfect bit we feel we have adapted well and we really enjoy it! It is getting harder to find a condo under $150K here in Bahia. They do exist, but usually they need a complete renovation. Everything is within walking distance to the beach in Bahia…3-4 blocks max! Yiur Spanish will come back with a bit of practice and exposure. Contact us again when you are closer to flying. We recommend you come for an exploratory visit….and see if this is a good fit. Miriam

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