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Dave & Miriam moved to Ecuador in January of 2011 & have been helping expats make the transition to living abroad as smooth as possible ever since. If you are looking to rent or buy in Ecuador be sure to contact us. We promise to tell it all...the good, the bad and the ugly! Call from the US 804-858-4289; from Ecuador 098-289-6208 for Miriam or 098-285-6951 for Dave. Email us at

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18 Responses to San Vicente Ecuador

  1. Harley Leiber says:

    Interested in cost of real estate, transportation, proximity to and quality of medical care, food… name it…


    Age 62 Portland,Oregon

    • Dave & Miriam says:

      Hi Harley,
      Good questions… sure to press the “subscribe ” tab on our web site and get constant up dates to these questions. When do you plan to come here for a visit? We would love to meet you!

  2. Mohammed Shoaib says:

    Hi Dave:
    I am interested in finding some real estate either a big lot on water, orchid with a house, medical facilities, crime rate, closest airport, transportation, etc. Thanks for your help.

    • Dave & Miriam says:

      Hi Mohammed, Nice to “meet” you! Lets talk….I will forward to my husband Dave who is out on a listing appointment right now. He will follow up with via phone. Thanks so much!

  3. Georgia says:

    Hi Dave and Miriam
    Am coming to Ecuador March 4 2014
    Not sure about where to live but am starting out in Cuenca and going from there.
    Any advice ?
    Am concerned about the mail and the receiving and sending of.

    • Dave & Miriam says:

      Hi Georgia, contact us when you are on the coast….the north coast above Bahia de Caraquez has a lot of great opportunuty because of the bridge that was finished about 3 years ago. How long will you have in country on this trip? Be sure to get all your mail switched over to electronic communication.

  4. Tom & Nancy says:

    We will be looking for a nice place to rent on the ocean for about 6 months a later this year. Please recommend a nice safe area for Expats where we could live reasonably. Thanks

    • Dave & Miriam says:

      Hi Tom & Nancy,
      I recommend Bahia de Caraquez where we live….of course…lol! Please send me your travel dates 9or months)and I will check what I have available for you. All the best!

  5. Shirley McKamey says:

    I am presently a Canadian expat living in Mexico just north of Puerto Vallarta. I am interested in the comparison of the cost of living between Mexico and Ecuador. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats that I would be moving with me if I should decide on Ecuador and wonder if this is a problem. I would probably want to buy a modest home within reasonable walking distance to the beach and wonder what the average 1 or 2 bedroom home might cost. I am a woman living alone and wonder if this is safe in Ecuador. Thank you for any info you can forward to me. Shirley

    • Dave & Miriam says:

      Hi Shirley, you ask a lot of great questions…let’s talk! Please email me again with your phone number or Skype name. Would love to chat with you! Miriam

  6. Brad says:

    Hi Dave and Miriam.

    I’m looking for an investment property that I will eventually retire in (I’m 30, so some time from now). What areas do you recommend? Are there rental agencies that can look after vacation rentals?

    • Dave & Miriam says:

      Hi Brad, you ask some great questions…so let’s talk….I’ll email you. We know about the market in general as far as return on investment. It is strong! And we know of many specific properties that will do nothing but increase in value over time. We are also a rental management agency, so your investment property would have hands on oversight.

  7. Carole says:


    We have been making Cuenca our home for almost three years having moved here from Florida. However since we are wanting to live the rest of our years by the ocean, we h ave decided to move to Bahia de Caraquez. First, however, we need to check out the area and discover new adventures. We will be flyng in to nearest airport on May 20th and plan to stay 7 days.

    We are 80 yo but 40 in our minds. Obviously we don’t wish to buy at this late stage in our lives. We would like to have a two bedroom, two bath unfurnished place as close to the ocean as humanly
    possible. We have read so many interesting and uplifting articles on your beautiful city and are excited to be where we can breathe in the intoxicating salt air.

    If we could set up an appointment with you whilst we are there, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.

    Carole & Ray Walter

    P.S. We have two small pups. A 10 year old, 12 Lb Chihuahua and a 20 lb Wire-hair who is 7 yrs old. They are family so we include them in any moving we do.

  8. David and Peggy Allen says:

    Hello! David and I will be in EC June 17 for 2 weeks. We will be visiting family in quito first before flying to the coast. We would like to explore rental possibilities in the San vicente area. Depending on how much we like it we will consider retiring there. What would your availability be to meet with us at some point. Thanks!

    • Dave & Miriam says:

      Hi David & Peggy, we would enjoy meeting you too! I will email you so that we can communicate more easily…and send rates for services. Miriam

  9. danny persad says:

    Hi Dave and Miriam..i am Canadian and every year i go to Trinidad &Tobago for about 3- 4 months to escape the dreaded winter months,i am impressed by your promotion of San Vincente so i’m thinking of a change to San Vincente,and i’m interested in a 1 or 2 bdrm fully furnished apt.And possibly a rented car..also what is the temperature like at that time..

    • Dave & Miriam says:

      Hi Danny…you see that this house is sold, right? San Vicente is ” up and coming”. Let us know when you are coming to Ecuador…we would love to meet you!!

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