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Pack for vacation in Ecuador

Dave in full REI Gear

 How To Pack For Vacation In Ecuador

How to Dress for Success (and comfort!)

“We’re planning to travel for six months in Ecuador. What clothes should we pack for the trip?” I asked.  I’m sure a lot of you are asking the same questions about how to pack for vacation.  Well, it depends on a lot of factors.  Are you coming to stay?  Is this just going to be an exploratory trip?  Will you be traveling extensively or are you traveling to just one destination?  All things to consider when packing your bags.  What about luggage?  How many pieces to carry?  Here’s some Ecuador packing tips.

The Best Laid Plans

We did a ton of research on travel bags and gear prior to our adventure in Ecuador.  Miriam and I had decided that we would travel the country for six months and see as much of Ecuador as we could, hoping to fall in love and decide where we wanted to live.  It never happened but that’s another story for another time! Broken bones and obtaining Residency Visa’s kept us in Cotacachi for nearly six months!  It all worked out, though.   Here we are on one of the best beaches of Ecuador and loving it!

Details & More On What To Pack For Vacation

Miriam is the organizer and planner of this rag tag team of two and she started talking to me about dressing properly for our trip.  We had already been cautioned by several bloggers about not bringing too much stuff.  If there’s one thing you take away from this post, it’s, don’t pack too much.   It’ll only drag you down and wear you out.  It also might be time to consider some clothing designed specifically for travel.

A Whole New Wardrobe?

So, what do you pack for vacation when you really don’t know exactly where you’ll be?  What to wear when Ecuador, as small as it is, has so many diverse climates?  Miriam suggested we take a trip to REI (Recreational Equipment International), www.rei.com , and check out their versatile outdoor wear.  Huh?  I’d never been to REI in my life!  I was comfortable in cotton polo shirts and slacks or jeans, not this newfangled stuff!  Miriam prevailed and we ended up with a complete set of new traveling clothes. I have to say, we got it just about perfect! We had wool socks and layers for the cold of the Andes, and we had cool shorts and t-shirts for the coast where it is warmer.

Pack Layers, The Key is Layers

So how do you dress if you don’t know what part of the country you’ll be in?  The key is to keep it simple and functional.  The first consideration has to be shoes. Bring a comfortable pair of sneakers or walking shoes.  I love my Keens.  They are lightweight and I wear them every day!  I picked out a couple pair of “convertible” pants made by Columbia.  They are lightweight and the pant legs can be removed. Viola, instant shorts. They also have a zippered pocket to keep your money secure.  A pickpocket on the trolley in Quito once got my pocket unzipped but didn’t get in!

Next I chose a couple of long sleeved shirts that are also “convertible”.  You can roll the sleeves up and button them for short sleeve wear. Underneath I wore a microfiber, UV protected colored tee shirt that could also be worn alone.   I also chose a sleeveless vest that has multiple pockets.  I topped all this off with a large waterproof Tilly  hat.  The sun is strong here at the equator so be sure to include some good headgear. The critical thing for Miriam was layers…and more layers. Layers that can be peeled off and put back on as the temperatures can vary quite a bit on one hour. Especially in the Sierra, there can be bright sunshine and then the fog roll in with heavy moisture and temperatures can fall 10-15 degrees in an hour. Think shades of San Francisco when you pack for vacation in Ecuador!

Bags, Gear, Etc.

In the next segment I’ll talk more specifically about the bags we chose and some must have gear.  The whole purpose of choosing clothes and gear from REI was for it to be lightweight, durable and versatile and super packable.  We wanted to be comfortable but mobile.  Our goal is to make your travels in Ecuador as fun and safe as possible.  We hope these tips on what to pack for vacation in Ecuador have been helpful to you.

Email us at info@EcuadorPropertyConsultants.com .  You can book an appointment to talk directly with us one on one, or call toll free from the US 804-858-4289. Within Ecuador Contact Dave at 089-285-6951 or Miriam at 098-289-6208.

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Dave & Miriam

Dave & Miriam moved to Ecuador in January of 2011 & have been helping expats make the transition to living abroad as smooth as possible ever since. If you are looking to rent or buy in Ecuador be sure to contact us. We promise to tell it all...the good, the bad and the ugly! Call from the US 804-858-4289; from Ecuador 098-289-6208 for Miriam or 098-285-6951 for Dave. Email us at info@EcuadorPropertyConsultants.com.

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