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Dave & Miriam Retire In Ecuador

retired in ecuadorMiriam and I get asked this question a lot, “Why retire in Ecuador and how did you do it?”  I hope that as we tell our story it will resonate with you and you’ll realize that we’re not that different from you.

We owned a very successful home improvement company in Charlotte, NC, that is, until the crash of ’08 and when our business was affected we knew we had to change or suffer. Like many baby boomers we saw a lot of our hard earned equity simply vanish and on top of that, boomers made up 98% of our customer base.

When you’re spending $100,000 + per year on advertising and the phone stops ringing and sales fall off the cliff, you know you’re in deep doo!  Boomers had been hit the hardest in the crash, losing equity in the stock market and in the value of their homes and they simply pulled in their horns and stopped buying! What to do? Well, we had positioned ourselves so that it was easy to close our business. We finished all outstanding jobs, paid all the bills, and pulled the plug on our website.

Now what?  I was 61 years old and I l new there was no way I could get a job anywhere unless, that is, I wanted to be a greeter at Wally World. No thanks, I passed.

Miriam went back to work at an old job at the salary she had made 10 years earlier and she was lucky to get the job! My new job until I started receiving SS was to do research on where we would like to go.  Thank you, Internet!  I started researching

Should We Retire In Ecuador?

We had always had a romantic notion of traveling and living overseas so we looked at a lot of places. We had made a promise to ourselves that our retirement would not be traditional. We wanted to explore and stay active. So many people retire and stop doing anything and just wilt away. Not us!  Plus, like a lot of Americans in our shoes we couldn’t afford to keep the standard of living we were accustomed to.

We visited Mexico many times, spent an extended stay in Belize and looked at all of Central & South America. To retire in Ecuador kept coming to the top of the list. We’ve been in Ecuador now 2+ years and are happy we made the move.   One of the best things that has happened for us is our quality of life is up and overall stress is down.

Here’s a few tidbits of what we will be sharing in the future on Ecuador property consultants:

1. How Dave dropped 5 prescription medications over the last 2 years.

2. How “Gringos” like us rent, buy and retire in Ecuador.

3. How Miriam & Dave  lost 75 pounds by going “primal”.

4. Look forward to some wonderful recipes from Miriams’ Kitchen!

5. The secrets to successful living in Ecuador.  Our story of adjusting to the culture.

Stay tuned…We’ll share all the details of how we moved to Ecuador, chose Bahia De Caraquez as our city of destination to retire in Ecuador & best of all, how this crazy decision has improved out lives in so many ways.

Email us at info@EcuadorPropertyConsultants.com .  You can book an appointment to talk directly with us one on one, or call toll free from the US 804-858-4289. Within Ecuador Contact Dave at 098-285-6951 or Miriam at 098-289-6208.

Skype for Dave-dmcausey      Skype for Miriam-mmmweaver

Dave & Miriam

Dave & Miriam moved to Ecuador in January of 2011 & have been helping expats make the transition to living abroad as smooth as possible ever since. If you are looking to rent or buy in Ecuador be sure to contact us. We promise to tell it all...the good, the bad and the ugly! Call from the US 804-858-4289; from Ecuador 098-289-6208 for Miriam or 098-285-6951 for Dave. Email us at info@EcuadorPropertyConsultants.com.

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